Spring Summer Preview at HomeSense


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Spring is officially here! Okay, maybe it isn’t feeling like Spring just yet, but it IS coming!

I recently got a peek at the pretty things heading to HomeSense this season. It all looks great and I want to share some off my favourites, so you can all start planning your warm weather decor!


~ Shoana

IMG_1095- What a pretty and organized entryway
IMG_1097 – I need this bar cart in my life!IMG_1098- These chair are a match made in heaven!

- I might be coming around on the gold trend… a bitIMG_1100 – This living room makes me want to redo mine!IMG_1101 – Wallpaper… yes, wallpaper will be at HomeSense this season!!IMG_1102 – Another fabulous bar cart!IMG_1103 – Watercolour is so hot right now and the mix of the equestrian trend makes these a home run!IMG_1106 – I have a super soft spot for elephants. These aren’t for everyone but they definitely are fabulous! IMG_1110 1- Mason Jars are still hot and these candles are perfect for the summer patio season!
IMG_1114 – Lots of really pretty outdoor serving pieces.IMG_1117 – The modern design of these outdoor furniture pieces had me in a flutter. IMG_1123 – Poofs are SO HOT right now and the white/navy combo wins my heart.IMG_1124 – Again, me with the elephants… but it’s so cute and so useful.

IMG_1133 – A chic little chair for that space that needs  a little ‘something’. I love HomeSense for pieces like this.IMG_1134 – Need a little french romance for the bedroom? IMG_1146 – Okay, these are faux… not my normal go to, but they are so realistic and they even FEEL like real flowers! IMG_1155 – What a perfect place to read a book or have a nap!IMG_1157 – Rug, rug and more rugs! IMG_1161 – more rugs…IMG_1162 – more rugs…IMG_1170 – AND EVEN MORE RUGS!! I loved it!IMG_1181- I had to try and get a close up of this wallpaper. I has gorgeous texture and even a little sparkle in it!IMG_1185 – I know, more rugs… but what an easy a affordable way to add a splash of summer colour of you are on a budget.IMG_1190- These frames looked super expensive and posh… the price is shocking. I am definably looking for the one on the right for my bedside tables.

Beauty Oil Jackpot!


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Another snow storm hitting us today. It makes you wonder if spring is ever coming.

To help get us though what is hopefully the last punch from Old Man Winter, I wanted to share a great tidbit of advice I recently received about BioOil. This winter has been brutal for dry, itchy hands and skin; never mind keeping your nails in good condition. When I mentioned this the other day to a friend, she suggested I use BioOil. Now, I’ve always understood BioOil is typically used to diminish scarring. Although this has been effective, my friend told me she also uses BioOil to help condition and soothe her hair, skin and hands. So, I decided to put my friend’s claims to the test. I have since used it on my hands, skin and hair. This is what I discovered:

Hands – I quickly saw the cracks in my hands begin to heal and my cuticles soften. It completely absorbs and doesn’t leave that greasy, can’t-pick-up-a-glass kind of film.

Hair – Before jumping into the shower, I put a little on the ends of my hair and wash my hair. My hair is  long, so it is super dry and has frizzy ends. BioOil made a huge difference. It conditioned my hair and tamed down those frizzy ends.

Skin – My legs are particularly dry.  BioOil absorbs so well that I am able to put on my skinny jeans without that sticky feeling some moisturizers leave. The key is to apply it right after you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp.

So, what’s next? My face. Yep, I’m going to use it on my face; for 3 reasons:

1. To help take away the dryness

2. To help address uneven skin tone I developed from acne scarring and  exposure to the sun. This makes total sense because it does such great job on reducing scars.

3. For anti-aging. Soft moisturized skin keeps it’s elasticity, which helps to combat the signs of aging.

I am so excited about learning and discovering BioOil’s multitude of uses. Plus, it is so accessible, as it is available at most major retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart.

Stay warm everyone!

~ Shoana


Getaway to Mont Tremblant, Quebec


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Spring break is among us and although it is hard to believe, some people don’t want to head south for a whole week.

For those who want a quick, easy to get to getaway packed with lots of fun Mont Tremblant, Quebec may be the place for you. It is great for couples, groups and families alike. My husband and I did a long weekend at Mont Tremblant this winter and even brought our little dog Murphy.

Here are some of the highlights from our trip that might inspire you to soak in the Joie de Vivre (joy of living).

Bon Voyage!


leaving Toronto airport

We flew Porter Airlines to Mont Tremblant. It was as easy as catching bus, but felt more posh! This was Murphy’s inaugural flight and he did great.

Mont Tremblant Airport

After about an hour flight we landed in Mont Tremblant. Can you believe that THIS is the airport. So quaint and gorgeous. It totally felt like you are flying in on your private jet for the weekend! There is a fantastic round trip shuttle service offered through the airport’s website that will seamlessly whisk you and your bags to and from the airport to your hotel.

Hotelroom Collage

We stayed at the Le Westin Resort and Spa, located in the heart of the resort village. It was fantastic. Our room was set up like a small apartment; including a kitchenette, sitting area, gas fireplace, king size bed and huge washroom. From our juliette balcony, we had a great view of the village and mountain. The Westin also has a great pet program, so Murphy didn’t feel left out.

Kitchen Set up

I couldn’t believe how well equipped the kitchenette was! Really, it had anything you would need to make an easy meal. Even a dishwasher to help with the cleanup.

Ski day

For one day that we skied, we rented our ski equipment from the on site rental shop . Totally worth it if you aren’t a regular skier. It’s a busy place, but the staff were very efficient, friendly and took the time to make sure your equipment fit properly. This was  the second time in 20 years that either of us had been skiing. It took the first run to get our “ski legs” back, but we weren’t in a hurry and had a blast.Apre Ski

Although, apres ski is more our style ;-) I mean really, I am in place where I can have poutine with every meal!? Sold! There were lots of restaurants on the resort to choose from. At every restaurant we went to the food and service was terrific.

Night Tubbing

If you stay on the resort, night tubing is free… yes, night tubing! It was BEYOND fun and a must do!! It even has a bunny hill lift to take you back up to the top.  It opens at 6:00 pm and I would recommend going right at opening, so you can get a few runs in before the lines get too long. It is very popular with guests.

Walking in the village

We took a day to just relax and explore the resort: walking, shopping and eating. If skiing isn’t your thing there is so much to do. For example, for those staying at the resort, there is free skating and skate rentals at the pond next to this beautiful, little white church. Such a great thing to do on a pretty winter day!

Murphy durign the day

What did Murphy do? Much of very same thing he does at home. He loved watching the world go by from our window that looked into the resort village. He took some time out of his busy schedule to enjoy his “Heavenly” dog bed; provided as part of the Westin pet program. Although, I think he still prefers a king size bed. He also enjoyed taking walks along the great trails in and around the resort. The resort is very much dog friendly. With the exception of restaurants, he was welcome to come into the shops with us. We saw quite a few families with their dogs.

Leavign Mont TremblantWith every beginning there is an end and with that it was time to say “see you later” to Mont Tremblant….not “good bye” because we will definitely be back.

Valentine’s Day Goodies


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Even if you aren’t buying something for someone else it is a fun time to pick up a few goodies for yourself. I love the cute treats that stores put out this time of the year and the gift items are really adorable to enjoy all year round; not just on Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few things that caught my attention.

~ Shoana

Valentine's Day Round up 2014

1/Charm Necklace 2/Beats Speaker 3/Pink Heart Scarf 4/Carnaby Sweet Chocolate Hearts 5/Soap & Glory Bubble Bath 6/Gold Heart Print Pillow 7/Watercolour Print Pillow 8/Carnaby Sweet Chocolate Roses 9/Pink Quilted Heart Stamped Tote 10/Red Notebook 11/Quo Candy Heart Make-up Bag 12/Handsome Pillow 13/Quo Make-up Bag 14/Gorgeous Pillow

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper & Kale Penne


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Finally, I can honestly say that I found a recipe that has kale in it that I actually like!

This recipe originally came from Rachel Ray. I just tweaked it to my taste and simplified the directions a bit.

I hope that you try it and enjoy it as much as I do!

~ Shoana

Creamed Roasted Red Pepper & Kale Penne

If you would like to print the recipe click on this link: Creamy Roasted Red Pepper & Kale Penne

DIY Gift Tags


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Quick, easy, stylish, affordable and fun. These gift tags are a great way to add a personal  touch to finish off a wrapped present.

All you need are some hang tags (that can be purchased at any stationary or business supply store), glitter (choose the colour or colours you like) and double sided Scotch tape.

Gift Tag Tools

All you do is place a piece of the double sided Scotch tape along the bottom of the tag and sprinkle glitter over top! SO EASY! Unlike glue, no drying time. It’s ready to go. Just add the name of the recipient, a holiday wish and attach it to the gift.

Single Tag

You can make a whole bunch of them in just a couple of minutes!

Group of TagsHappy wrapping!

Ho Ho Ho

~ Shoana

It’s Wrapping Time!


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Over the next few days, many of you will be getting ready to wrap all of the Christmas presents you have bought for friends and family.

I love wrapping gifts; especially at Christmas time! So, I thought I would share some of the year’s wrapping trends and a few tips. Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration to wrap your gifts in an extra special way!

Happy wrapping!

Ho Ho Ho!


Wrapping Tools

Wrapping Tools

You have to have the right tools to make for an easy gift wrapping session.

I always make sure to have a pair of sharp scissors and a selection of Scotch tape on hand. No, I’m not tape obsessed….well, maybe a little. But, each type of Scotch tape serves a specific purpose to help you wrap your present perfectly:

The red labelled one is the ScotchTransparent tape. It has a shiny finish, so it disappears on shiny paper.

The green labelled one is the Scotch Magic tape.  It has a matte finish, so it is great for matte wrapping paper. But, it is can also be  repositioned. That means, if you make a mistake you can peal it off and reuse it without ruining most surfaces. Brilliant, eh?!

The yellow labelled one is the Scotch Double Sided tape. I am not a fan of exposed cut edges, so I use this a lot. To see what I mean, click the video link to the wrapping segment I did on Cityline.

Now, a new type of tape I just discovered is the Scotch Gift Wrapping tape. I love this one because it disappears on most papers. A great general purpose tape for your wrapping needs.

Group framed

Here are some of the holiday gift wrapping trends this year:

Rustic Chic - it's my personal favourite. It combines natrual rustic elements (cotton ribbon and fresh greens) with the chic paper (glamorous gold with a sparkle stripe)

Rustic Chic – It’s my personal favourite. It combines natural rustic elements, such as cotton ribbon and fresh greens, with the chic paper. I wrapped this using a glamorous gold with a sparkle stripe.

Peacock is such a HUGE trend this year in all holiday decor. I have no idea what peacock have to do with Christmas but I think is it the gorgeous rich jewel tones and that lend so well to the decor of Christmas.

Peacock – Such a HUGE trend this year in holiday decor. I have no idea what a peacock has to do with Christmas, but I think the gorgeous rich jewel tones lend so well to any Christmas decor.

Gatsby Glamour is perfect for this time of the year. Bold fabulous and shiny always works at Christmas time. This year it just comes out in an elegant way.

Gatsby Glamour -  Perfect for this time of the year. Bold, fabulous and shiny always works at Christmas time. This year it just comes out in an elegant fashion.

Country Rustic is also always in during the holidays. So cozy and homey. Plaids are especially trendy this year.

Country Rustic - Always in during the holidays. So cozy and homey. Plaids are especially trendy this year.

Mid-century modern is still all the rage. We are reminiscent the colours and patterns of that era. They are just so fun but so stylish at the same time... you can't go wrong with that!

Mid-century modern -  Still all the rage. The colours and patterns are reminiscent of an era many of us fondly remember or admire. They are just so fun, but so stylish at the same time. You can’t go wrong with that!

This one I did just for fun and I showed how to make it on the Cityline segment that is below. It is SO easy you won't believe it! Here is a hint...  it involves double sided tape!

I did this one just for fun and highlighted it on  Cityline. To see how I made it, click the link below to view the Cityline segment. It was SO easy you won’t believe it! Here is a hint… it involves Scotch Double Sided tape.

Advent Tree


This was such a big hit last year, I thought that I would share it again. It is the perfect project to do this weekend!
~ Shoana

Originally posted on Shoana Jensen:

The tradition of advent has been playing through my mind for the holiday season. Mainly, I’ve been wanting to bring a fun and interesting departure from the usual cardboard box and less than stellar chocolate. So, this is what I came up with. It could be the beginning of a great family Christmas tradition.

What I really like about this advent is that it makes decorating your tree a fun, daily, family event that leads up to the unveiling of that final decoration on December 24th.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

~ Shoana


Advent Tree Image

* Special thanks to Lindsay at the Penny Paper Co. for the cotton bags. I just used simple iron on transfers for the numbers. Lindsay put a pretty printable of numbers on her blog, Little House Blog, for you to use.

* This is a project that I recently used on CityLine here is the link to…

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Moving Time!


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Earlier this year I moved and because moving isn’t a stressful situation already, I agreed to tape the whole thing for Cityline! I know what you’re I thinking, but I totally knew what I was agreeing to and I wasn’t worried.

It is no secret that I am organized, so that helps. But, I also called upon 2 great companies to help me and that made the whole moving experience a total breeze.

The first was FrogBox. I love this company. Not only for how it works, but for what they stand for.

This is how FrogBox works. Instead of buying or scrounging for boxes and then throwing them out, you rent your moving boxes from them. Brilliant! They must be Canadian to come up with such a clever idea! ;-) FrogBox will deliver your boxes AND pick them up after they have been unpacked. A great service and friendly people.

Finally, this is what they stand for. 1% of their gross revenue is donated to frog habitat restoration… love that!

Now, choosing a mover comes with many concerns and questions. Are they reputable? Reliable? Professional? Ultimately, will they take care when moving my belongings? All my questions and more were answered when Frogbox recommended Rent-a-Son. Yes, Frogbox does provide referrals for movers upon request. They track the feedback customers provide them on movers they have chosen. Upon their recommendation, I chose Rent-a-Son and they are worth every penny!

The guys from Rent-a Son were on time, organized, professional and friendly. Although my husband and I packed up the FrogBoxes ourselves, the guys from Rent-a-Son took great care in packing up items that I never would have considered, such as larger pictures, lamps etc. It was a long day for everyone, but the guys from Rent-a-Son worked very hard and always had a smile on their face. It’s just so much better when people are nice.

Click on the three videos below to check out my moving tips and see highlights of the move.

If you are moving soon or know someone who is, feel free to share my tips. Every little bit helps!

~ Shoana

3 Bin

Time to clear the clutter! Have 3 containers set up to make it easy to sort out

Floor Mats

Place mats on your floors to protect them during the move. Rent-A-Son did this for us.

Food 2

Make sure to have easy-to-grab food on hand for everyone. Moving is HARD work and there usually isn’t much time for breaks.

Frog Box Lables

Label, Label, Label!! Everything needs a label! FrogBox supplies them for all of their boxes… Love that!

Lable Doors

Make a sign for each room and coordinate the labels on the boxes to each room. That way everything goes into the room it belongs in!

Last min Drawer

There are always a few last min kitchen items the day of the move. Put a note on the drawer that they are in so you don’t forget to bring them with you.

My Sweaters

Pack your clothing standing up. That way when you NEED that pink sweater, you don’t have to rip everything apart looking for it!

Packed sweaters

It is such an easy way to pack and see everything. I might pack my suitcase like this next time I travel.


All packed up and ready to go. I loved how stackable the FrogBoxes were.


I just have to give a shout out the the guys at Rent-A-Son they were terrific and crazy hard workers!

* Note that neither FrogBox nor Rent-a-Son paid me for this post. I am just looking to share my experience & tips.

Refresh Your Fall Beauty Routine


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Fall is here and it is time to refresh your beauty routine!

I recently teamed up with Glow magazine and Shoppers Drug Mart to give my tips on how to get started! Enjoy!




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