Tips on Picking the Perfect Luggage

I obviously have vacation on the brain these days and I can’t be the only one! So, let’s stick with the travel theme for this post. Are you planning (or dreaming of planning) a winter getaway? A good set of luggage can make or break the ease in which you travel. From sturdy wheels, to […]

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Summer Beauty Tips

I teamed up with Glow Magazine and Shoppers Drug Mart to give my summer beauty tips for the warm weather season… now that it’s FINALLY here! Here are some of my favourites to help you keep looking great in the heat of the summer. ~ Shoana  

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Spring Refresh For Your Home

Spring has finally sprung! I know many of us are in need of a refresh in our home after such a long winter. Recently, I did a segment on Cityline giving a few of my tips. Since airing last week, I have had A LOT of feedback and questions about the all natural air freshener I use. […]

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