home renovation

Septic? More interesting than you can image…..really!

Hey Everyone!! It’s been some time since I gave an update on our home renovation, sorry about that. But, thanks for checking back in. We had a delay in getting our permits and the culprit was our old, poorly positioned septic system. So, septic systems…not something I thought I would ever be speaking about or […]

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The Beginning of Our Renovation – Demo day!

Ok, moving along….things really started to get real when our first disposal bin was delivered from Cotton. Although we were excited for demolition to start, we wanted to be conscious of putting as little into the landfill as possible. We were happy that Cotton is a company that is aware of the impact projects like […]

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The Before – A Whole House Walk Through

Ready, Set, GO!  After three, long, arduous years of planning, changing designers, contractors, project managers etc., we are finally at the starting line and have begun the long awaited renovation of our home.  Everything really started coming together when we began working with the team from Nauta Home Designs. They listened to our ideas of […]

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