It’s unique, it’s super comfortable and it’s Canadian made. It’s Endy! As we were planning out the pieces we needed to furnish our weekend house, beds and mattresses soon became the topic of discussion.

I remember first seeing ads on the subway of this new mattress that came rolled up in a box. I thought, “A mattress in a box? C’mon?!”

For us, the budget (like everyone) was an issue. But, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality in the process. Now, it has been a while since we shopped for a mattress and kinda forgot the costly price tag that comes with such a purchase. I found with Endy, their pricing is really affordable. So, we went with Endy and got a King Endy mattress for our bed and outfitted our two guest bedrooms with a Queen Endy mattress.

Purchasing an Endy is as easy as going to their website Endy and placing your order. Within a few days, your new Endy mattress will be delivered to your home….in a box.

It seemed so odd, but so cool, to get our new mattresses in a box. After taking each of the boxed mattresses to their respective rooms, the process of unboxing the mattress could begin. We simply stood the box on its end, opened it up, took out the mattress and laid it onto our boxspring. Now, the mattress can be delivered in a box because it’s tightly rolled up and vacuum-sealed. To open it, Endy includes a cool tool that you can use to safely cut open the plastic wrap and to avoid damaging the mattress. As I began cutting the plastic, the mattress began to naturally unroll and expand into place. It was so fun and easy that I was glad to have two more to open! Check out the video below to see how it happens.

After dressing each of the beds with our new bed linens, it was time for bed. After a long day of moving in and the days following getting the house ready to host our first family visit, sliding into our Endy at the end of the day has been a dream. Without a doubt, the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in. I like soft, but Greg likes a more firm mattress. We agree that Endy checks off both our boxes. How can that be? I don’t know, but who am I to mess with perfection 😉

Now that we were getting spoiled with our Endy mattress at the house, we couldn’t get comfy on the mattress in our city condo. Like I said, it had been a while since we bought our last mattress and the one in the condo time was up. So, this week we decided to say farewell to the old mattress and are now resting easy on our new Endy Queen mattress. One cool thing was that the mattress now comes in a smaller box, so it was even easier to unpack and set up!

Now if would excuse me, the time is getting late and I must retire for the evening….Nah, I’m kidding. It’s the middle of the afternoon…. maybe an afternoon nap on our Endy with Murphy 🙂

You guys we so in interested in the Endy as I was setting them up and doing the walkthrough on Instagram!  Here are the most often asked questions that I have received, via social media –

Is it firm or soft?

Greg calls it the “Goldilocks Mattress”….not too hard, not too soft…just right.

Do you need a boxspring?

No, but like a traditional mattress, you do need something to support the bottom like a piece of plywood or bed slats

How thick is the mattress?

10 inches

Are they expensive? 

We found them to be reasonably priced. Here is the link to the prices on their website Endy prices at the time I wrote this they are $675 – $950 depending on the size.

I live alone, can I open the box and set up the mattress by myself?

Yes, I did one by myself and I had no problems.

Is Endy a Canadian company?

Yes, Endy is a Canadian company and the mattresses are made in Canada

***** PROMO CODE!!!!  Now here is the exciting part. My new pals at Endy gave me a promo code to share with all of you (thanks Endy!)! If you purchase a mattress from their website, use ENDY50 to get $50 off your order!

I did partner with Endy on this (yay promo code), but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. #endypartner

Shoana Jensen