As much fun as holiday shopping can be, it can and usually is a stressful time. Trying to fit your shopping in between daily responsibilities can be overwhelming; never mind the crowds, the parking, the lists and the money! Where can you find time to relax? Is there a solution to help ease the stress of Christmas shopping?

Well, this week I was treated to preview something that will help reduce the chaos and bring some order to your Christmas season. RBC has set up the Avion Holiday Boutique at the beautifully renovated and expanded Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.

The Avion Holiday Boutique is open to anyone who has a RBC Avion Visa and it’s FREE! But, it’s more than a pretty lounge to rest your tired shopping feet. They have a full selection of complimentary services and treats to help bring calm to your holiday season.

Can’t find parking?

Free Valet Parking! No, I am not kidding! No more driving aimlessly around the parking lot for a spot. 

It’s freezing out and you don’t want to wear your heavy winter coat shopping?

Complimentary coat check to keep you comfortable.

Lugging all of your shopping bags around is too much?

Complimentary parcel check, so you can keep shopping: hands free.

Low on energy and need a boost to get you to the finish line on your shopping day?

Complimentary coffee. Free baked goods. Yes, please!

When will I find the time to wrap all of the gifts?

Complimentary gift wrapping, on site.

I have bought way too much (tee hee). How will I get them all out to my car?

Complimentary porter service to help carry all your goodies to your car.

Who are these holiday angels? All the normal stresses that come with Christmas shopping are taken care of here. And, it can all be yours to enjoy if you are an RBC Visa Avion cardholder.

I know when I’m at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre this Christmas season I will be taking full and fun advantage of the Avion Holiday Boutique with my fellow Avioners.

Happy stressless shopping everyone!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

**Check out the video below. I took a series of Instagram Stories and put them together to make one video to post here. It’s my first time doing this. Do you like this format? Do you want to see more videos from me like this? Comment below or message me with your thoughts.



This post is sponsored by RBC. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.

Shoana Jensen