I read recently, that when doing laundry, 3 out of 4 Canadians are willing take the extra step to ensure their clothing is cared for correctly. I am definitely one of these people! I want my favourite sweater to have a nice long life. I have discovered a new washer and dryer that will make laundry day, dare I say, easy? Between the time saving features, and the ability to treat each of your favourite clothing items with the care they deserve, laundry day isn’t looking so bad. Samsung FlexSystem is brilliant!

The washer and dryer both have the usual front load compartment, and are large enough to get all your towels and linens in. But, Samsung has added a second compartment to the washer and dryer. This smaller compartment on top can handle all of the pieces you would normally wash separately. Now you can do your towels or bedding in the main washer and then wash your delicates (or that brand new bright red sweater that you know would ruin all of your white towels) in the top load by itself. What a time saver! They run totally independently. So, if you ever need that lucky pair of jeans, but don’t have a whole wash, just throw them in the top on their own. I LOVE that! You can wear what you want, when you want.

Okay, are you ready for more gushing about FlexSystem?

Hello steam! It’s in both FlexWash and FlexDry. Steam wash to remove stains (no need to pre-treat on most stains) and to get rid of any unpleasant odours. Have a wrinkled shirt that you want to wear on your date night? No problem, throw it in FlexDry and the steam will freshen it up and take those wrinkles out. Sorry iron and ironing board, but you have the night off.

So, if you are looking for a new laundry system, I have found it. Put loads in both washers and take advantage of the SuperSpeed setting, which does your full wash 50% faster and saves on energy costs.  So, grab a glass of wine and relax in your comfy chair and let FlexSystem do all of the work.

Now, while you are enjoying your wine and catching up on Instagram, FlexSystem will send a message to your smartphone, through the Samsung Smart Home app, to alert you that your laundry is done. Not only that, you can start, stop and monitor every cycle remotely for both machines from anywhere in the home.

Now that is a cleaning #partner that I would be happy to have in my home. Cheers!

See the extra washer and dryer on the top? This is in addition to the front load! Love that!




Samsung was a partner on this post. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

Shoana Jensen