Hey everyone, we have some exciting news! For years we have dreamed of having a place in the country to call our own and about 2 years ago we got serious about setting our sights on making our dream a reality.

Greg and I have roots in rural communities. Me in a small town outside of Ottawa and Greg from rural Nova Scotia. Although we have enjoyed the life we have made for ourselves in Toronto, we have always pined for that wide open space that only the country can give you; with the idea of living in the city for work and escaping to the quiet of the country on weekends, holidays and summer vacations….a little country and little rock n’ roll (for those younger readers Google Donny and Marie songs…LOL).

Our search took us to Eastern Ontario and north of Toronto. But, after some self reflection and setting out what we were looking for in a country property we excitedly decided on Niagara-on-the-Lake or NOTL for all ‘ya cool kids out there….which I will use throughout the remainder of this post LOL.

Since we first moved to Toronto, the Niagara Region, and in particular NOTL, has always attracted our attention. We instantly fell in love with the landscape, the people, the activities, the whole wine culture and yes the beloved Olde Town of NOTL.

However, our journey to find the perfect property in NOTL was an arduous one. When looking for property, we kept our mind open to buying a home or purchasing vacant land to build our own. Not only was inventory limited, but NOTL is now a product of the Toronto real estate buzz. Given its relative short commute to Toronto and “reasonable” real estate prices, many people, like ourselves, were being drawn to the area. Nonetheless, we were determined to find our little piece of heaven on earth and as of last month we found it!

The property couldn’t be any more picturesque or provide a more quintessential “wine country” vista. The property not only has a variety of over 50 apple trees on the property, but it is literally surrounded on three sides by nothing other than grape vines! The home that sits on the property may not be what we envisioned, but one look at the view out our back door and all that melted away.

Now, that being said, we are now tackling what to do with the house. Oh the possibilities… my creative juices are flowing! We still have another month until we get our hands on the house! So, until we decide, I will only share with you the views from our back deck. Once we have decided what the plans will be for the house, I will eagerly share with you all the before and after pics.

Until then, I raise a toast to all who continue to pursue their dreams. Our dream essentially took us 20 years to fulfill, but we have done it. It can happen!

Cheers,  Shoana



Shoana Jensen