We are in the midst of our first heat wave of the summer in Toronto, but there are no complaints from me. I love the heat! But when those sizzling temps mix with that humidity it gets downright HOT! So, if you have long hair like me, trying to curl or style it during this heat seems pointless. Tying it back seems to be the only option.

If you are a regular reader, you will know I am now sharing my favourite finds as I soon as I come across them.  So being true to my word, I have a new discovery that I want to share.

They are called Knotties. They are new, super cute hair ties that are braided elastics.  Not only do they have a really great hold, but they don’t catch or rip my hair. I also love that they look like braided bracelets, so they are perfect if you are someone who keeps one on your wrist. I can even see people choosing to layer them and wear them as bracelets.

I got my Knotties from Trade Secrets. They come in packs of 6 in an array of coordinating colours, costing  about $7-$8 per pack.

So, don’t try to fight the frizz when it’s this hot. Just tie your long hair back into a cute bun, pony or twist and feel cute, while trying to stay cool.

~ Shoana


Knotties Product Shot


Knotties Wrist Shot

Shoana Jensen