There aren’t many points cards I use anymore, but there is one I will not part with. The Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card. I loooove my Optimum points and now there is an app to help you and I collect those points even easier.

That’s right, the Shoppers Drug Mart app now lets you load your Optimum card right onto your smart phone, making it a digital Optimum Card. Instead of having to scramble and search for your Optimum card in your wallet, you can now easily open the app at the cash and scan it right from your phone.

For those that love coupons, you can now choose to accept coupons that are customized to suit your personal tastes. This is a awesome feature because every week Shoppers will send you great offers that will help you save on products that are specific to your needs. Plus, they are saved in the app until you are in store to use them. The app even makes it convenient to order refills for your medications, too.

I will admit, I’m a total tech nerd. However, I know not everyone is. But, trust me this is an easy peasy app to use. If you don’t have a smart phone, the Shoppers Drug Mart website includes those personalized coupons and medication refills options. But, the app is the best!

~ Shoana

SDM App Image

Shoana Jensen