If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) then you will know we recently moved. I know some of you are probably thinking didn’t you JUST move? It does kind of feel like that, doesn’t it? Actually, we moved into our house 2 years ago! Boy, time flies!

We really loved moving into our house; redoing the backyard, decorating, entertaining was all good stuff. But, the way that I try to explain why we moved is that it’s like an ex-boyfriend; he is really good looking, everyone loves him, you get along just fine. On paper he is perfect. But you then realize that he just isn’t the one for you. So, you either hang on and stay together without moving forward or you call it quits and see what is next for you. That was our house. We really, really missed our old neighbourhood, so we packed up and moved back!  Specifically, back into our old condo. Yep, that means some fierce downsizing, but we were up to the challenge. Actually, we have other plans for our future (nope, you aren’t getting the details on that just yet) so all four stuff went in 4 different directions. To the condo, sell/giveaway, short term storage and long-term storage. I know that I am organized, but this challenge was another level, even for me! Oh, did I mention that I was renovating my office at the same time and had a flood? So, it turned into a major reno. Ya. I’ll share that more in another post.

While we lived in our house, I never got a chance to share images of it  or some of the projects that I did inside, other than during my backyard makeover and accessories closet makeover on Cityline. I will still share those in the near future even though we have moved on.

I absolutely love looking at other peoples houses. The insane popularity of Pintrest, home magazines and great websites like Houzz is proof of how much everyone likes to do that, as well. So, fair is fair, if I look at others I figure it is only fair to share mine. Enjoy the pics.

I didn’t have professional interior photos taken so thanks to Ryan at VirtualGTA for letting me share the photos he took for the real estate listing when we sold the house. 

Also, a huge thank you to our friend and real estate agent Andrew Bonello from Brad Lamb Realty who sold our house in a day and a half!

Shoana Jensen Living Room
Living room. It is a open concept home now but around 100 years ago when it was built to was a lot of very little rooms.
Shoana Jensen Dining Room
Dining room
Shoana Jensen Kitchen
Kitchen that looks into the back den. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the den.
Shoana Jensen Kitchen
Kitchen. All of the cupboards were salvaged and refinished
Shoana Jensen Kitchen
Shoana Jensen Accessories Closet
This was a small bedroom that I made into an accessories closet… and my favourite part of the house! I’ll share the details of this project later.
Shoana Jensen Home Office
I took this photo of my office before we staged it as a bedroom to sell the house. So girly, I loved it!
Shoana Jensen Home Office turned into Staged Bedroom
This is the room that was my office (previous photo). I though it would be fun to share the staging photo when I made it look like a bedroom… always a good trick when selling a house!
Shoana Jensen