Day Eight

Another beautiful day in Positano. It was a slow morning, but we eventually made our way out with no agenda in mind.

Being the animal lovers that we are, having these 2 little guys great us each morning when we came out of our room was so cool. This morning we walked by and they were both perched on the wall to greet us “good morning.” They were the unofficial ambassadors of Hotel Conca D’Oro.
A quick breakfast stop, at Cafe Positano.


THIS is the view. You just can’t get bored of that view!
And, I loved how they cut the fresh pineapple. So clever.


We stopped at some shops that we hadn’t been in before and picked up a collection of tiles that we are going to display in some fashion that will read “JENSEN est 1997”; the year we were married. Also, at this shop, we sampled some of their limoncello and ended up buying two bottles. One traditional and one creamy limoncello. Tasty.

Shopping under the begonia vines.


After doing some more browsing, we took another long lunch, at Le Tres Sorrelles.

Just as it was recommended to us, we HIGHLY recommend Le Tre Sorelle to anyone who finds themselves in Positano.


As we slowly walked back to our room, we stopped into a cafe for a caffe americano and a cannoli. Delicious.

One of Greg’s favourite desserts is an eclair. He demonstrated great patience by pausing for a photo before devouring this one.
And then we continued on to a cannoli… why not we are in Italy!! This was a great cafe.


So, I bought a few tunics 😀 I could have bought every single one there. They were amazing and only about $20 each!!! No joke.                                                                                                                                                        I took this photo, so I wouldn’t buy a duplicate the next time we went back to *Blush*

We got back to our room and decided, sadly, it was time to start packing.

We ordered room service and enjoyed a couple pizzas, a bottle of local red wine and fresh fruit and called it an early night.


Shoana Jensen