Day Seven

We woke to a partly cloudy day. A nice surprise, since the weather was calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms. Well, it turns out the weather can be right. As we were enjoying our complimentary hot/cold buffet breakfast, at the hotel, the sky darkened and the heavens opened up. This was short lived and the sun came out after about 20 minutes. Perfect timing to check out and enjoy our remaining time in Capri.

We made our way to the funicular to take us down to the port area. For a 1.80 Euro each it was a fun and quick way to get down from the top of the hill.

A little friend we made in Capri. I have a big soft spot in my heart for ginger cats! This guy was loving Greg’s attention.
A beautiful, sunny day ahead of us right? Right? Hmmm…
The funicular was a much faster way to get down to the port than walking!


We were unable to secure a ferry back to Positano, as the seas were too rough for service. We were redirected to Sorrento and would have to transfer from there. No problem, just another opportunity to see more of the country.

The shops up the hill around the Palazzo are high end boutiques. If you are looking for local tourist shops then shop around the port area. We scored a fedora for Greg and a tunic for myself, while we were waiting for our ferry!
Capri is so picturesque!
Because of the impending weather, we couldn’t take the regular ferry back to Positano. This is the huge ferry that we had to take to Sorrento. The passenger seating was set up like a passenger airplane!. Comfortable seats and even a snack bar.


We soon boarded our ferry to Sorrento. As we began our crossing, the clouds became more ominous looking. Upon disembarking, we learnt that our only options for transport to Positano was by taxi or bus. A family overheard us speaking with a ticket agent and offered to share a taxi with us, since they too were going to Positano. We took up their offer and quickly got into a taxi before the rain started again.

We arrived in Positano safe, sound and dry. Luckily the rain stopped long enough for us to walk back to our room.

As we pushed off from Capri, we could see that bad weather was coming our way.
Approaching the Port of Sorrento is very impressive.


The rest of the afternoon was a lazy one. Surfing the net, catching up on emails, responding to friends and family and practising the well established custom of siesta.

When the weather let up, I (Greg) went to a nearby convenience store and returned with chips and bottle of prosecco. Not very Italian, but damn it was good.

Our guilty pleasure… chips. We hadn’t had any, since we arrived in Italy. They were SO good!


We got ready for dinner and decided to return to Next 2. Without reservations, we were still able to get a great table, even though they we clearly busy….again. The meal and service was again fantastic. Marco came over to our table to greet us and remembered us from the other night. Although not our server this night, he made time to speak with us between serving his other tables. At the end of dinner, Marco offered us an after dinner liqueur made from fennel. Similar to sambuca, but not thick and syrupy. Very smooth and clean tasting. A delicious end to a fantastic meal. We love this place so much that we made a reservation to have dinner there for our last night in Positano. The food aside, credit really has to go to Marco for making us feel truly invited.



Shoana Jensen