Day Four

Our day was spent exploring Positano and enjoying the laid back lifestyle here. We walked the main streets, weaved in and out of the narrow walkways, popping into the many cobbler shops plying their trade making all the sandals by hand and soaking in the over all feel. Still in disbelief that we are actually here.

Such a beautiful town. Even the water treatment system is gorgeous! That’s what that tunnle/bridge/ waterfall thing is behind me.
Nothing to say here… just look.
One of the streets. They are literally the width of a bus, plus one body… it’s a super tight squeeze, but everyone manages with no problem! So pretty to walk along.
Narrow streets and great shopping means it’s a little crowded. But, just take your time and walk along at your own pace. Everyone is strolling along taking their time. No need to be in a rush here.


Shopping selfie!!
These are all begonia vines. When they are in bloom they must be incredible! They also give much appreciated shade from the hot sun while shopping.
There are lots of cats around. But, don’t worry, they are all well fed and taken care of by the locals. I wouldn’t even call them strays or homeless… they are community cats and so sweet!
A view from the west side of town. Picture perfect… so I took one! 🙂
There are shoe cobblers on every street that will custom make beautiful sandals and loafers for men & women on the spot.


Taking a recommendation that we received when we were planning our trip, we had lunch at Ristorante Le Tre Sorelle (The Three Sisters). A great, welcoming little beach side cafe serving up great food. We had a lazy lunch, taking  in the beach scene and sounds.

Long slow lunch on the beach, people watching and wine… really, we have died and gone to heaven.


We have literally never had wild strawberries that have tested this good…. never.
Of course to finish…


For dinner, we ventured to Next 2. We were feeling a bit lazy and it was close to our hotel. Plus, no stairs to climb. We didn’t have a reservation, but they were able to accommodate, despite that they were clearly busy.

Wow, what a meal. There are no words. It was fantastic. Plus, our server, Marco, couldn’t have been more gracious. It was a great night. Definitely, will be taking in Next 2 before the end of our stay.



Shoana Jensen