Day Three

We awoke to the warm southern Italian sun glistening off of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The many boats beginning their dance of maneuvering in and out of the harbour. It was a slow morning, taking our time to get ready and planning our introduction to Positano.

After some crafty eavesdropping during dinner last night, we were able to pick up a few tips that helped us plan our morning. With our newfound knowledge, we made our way down, down, down (remember those stairs?) to the one of the beaches, Spiaggia del Fornillo.  Once there, we made our way to Bar Bagni da Ferdinando for bite to eat.

Lunch was a sandwich; salami and cheese on a fresh bun. It may not sound like much, but fresh and simple ingredients equal deliciousness. To compliment this great meal we had a couple glasses of tea de limon granita; a delicious and refreshing treat.

It is called the “vertical city” for reason! All of Positano is built on the side of a cliff…. that’s why there are SO MANY stairs.
This is one of the beaches called beach Spiaggia del Fornillo. This view is from about half way down the stairs. You can rent a chair and umbrella for about $5-$8 a day.
Sitting at Bar Bagni da Ferdinando and looking out on the beach chairs that are just waiting for the sun worshipers to arrive! I love the colours!
Looking back at Spiaggia del Fornillo. What a  beautiful view! The path from this beach to the centre winds along the water and is gorgeous!
Perfect place for a selfie! Yes, there will be a few more along this journey 😉



After lunch, we moved on into the main area of Positano; the area of Spiaggia Grande. There is a real buzz here. Of course, lots of tourists. But, then again, so are we. There are many quaint shops and fantastic restaurants tucked in amongst the winding walkways and dotted along the beach front. It is a very casual and relaxed atmosphere.

This is someone’s front door! Can you imagine?
And this is the view from their front door!!
Here is the beach in the centre of Positano. The area without the chairs and umbrellas is free for public use.
This is the church of Santa Maria Assunta. It is stunning inside, but they request no cameras… you just have to come and see it!
Shall we start counting the selfies? Nah! 🙂
Again, lots of stairs and really narrow walkways. I swear, you get use to them in a day or two.


Later in the afternoon, we returned to our room to enjoy bruschetta and prosecco on the terrace.

More Prosecco? Yes, please!
Good night Positano sunshine. See you tomorrow! Yes, this is the view from our terrace!


Earlier, when we were strolling along the board walk, we came across Chez Black; a Positano main stay since 1949. We read the many reviews and decided that would be our dining destination for the evening.

Lacking any foresight, we showed up without a reservation. The maitre’d gave us a concerned expression, but asked that we give him one moment. As luck would have it, one table remained opened. The maitre’d was very nice and genuinely happy that he able to accommodate us. The table we were seated at was, in our opinion, one of the best.

The service and food was outstanding. The wine selection was extensive and our server helped us choose a locale wine that perfectly suited our palate….that’s fancy talk for “it was gooood”.

As we were leaving, we thanked the maitre’d for his consideration. He expressed his genuine pleasure in being able to accommodate us and offered us two complimentary VIP access passes to Music on the Rocks; Positano’s premier night club. Outstanding.

We wound down our night walking up the 427 steps (yep we counted them) and taking the ten minute stroll along the main road to our hotel. A great way to work off the bread, pasta and vino.

I was crazy for these oil lamps… I didn’t end up buying one to bring home… we’ll just have to go back!
At Chez Black. Cheers!!


This place is next door to Chez Black. You will see more of it, later!
All of the restaurants have al fresco dining… the weather is perfection, so why wouldn’t they??


Shoana Jensen