With temperatures soaring and falling, staying stylish all year long can feel like a chore.  This time of year, with temperatures WAY below freezing sometimes you just want to throw on layers and cuddle up under a blanket.  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not impossible to look cute and stay cozy!  Here are my go to’s when I have to venture out on these frigid winter days.

Keeping Cute and Cozy this Winter copy

1. I am not a hat girl. Hats cause me to have abad hair day.So,  I wear earmuffs (or maybe a head band OR these super cool ear covers that I’ll tell you about another day). These faux fur ear muffs are from Indigo and are really cute!

2. Wearing a parka and mittens makes carrying a top handle bag in your hand or a tote on your shoulder a pain. That’s whyI always choose a cross body bag. Free hands and no extra bulk make for a fuss free day. This bag from Michael Kors is slim and fits a surprising amount of stuff!

3. I always need a scarf! I swear year round you will find a me with one. This knit scarf from Indigo has the cutest little faux fur pom poms on the end that match with the ear muffs… I couldn’t resist!

4. The most important thing on my list is this parka from The North Face. I bought last year’s style and it was the best winter purchase I have ever made.Wearing this coat makes me bullet proof from the cold . It also has a slim cut, so there isn’t a marshmallow man feeling when you are wearing it. I am also a fan of the faux fur removable collar. I made the leap to get it in red and I am SO glad that I did! It is really easy to stick to a black or brown winter coat, but why not add a hit colour to brighten your winter blahs?

5. Nothing keeps my hands warm like mittens. Sometimes gloves just don’t cut it. These mittens by The North Face are super warm!

6. Okay the boots… I mean THE boots! I bought these boots from Roots the very same day I purchased my parka (what a crazy good shopping day that was) and both are purchases that I will have until they wear out – which will be a long time! I get stopped on the street and asked about these boots all the time. To start, the are a classic look and so well made.Next, the zipper that goes up the back makes them really really easy to put on, no matter what pants you are wearing. Yes, knee high socks can peak over the top if you are looking for that trendy look. They are water resistant and the soles are thick, so they are warm! What else would  you want in a boot? I just saw them in the store in grey and I almost fainted they were so cute. Those boots went to the top of my wish list (the brown ones are on the list too;-) )! You will not regret buying these boots for a second! Now, I wish that I did a whole post just on these boots! 🙂

7. Any cold weather person knows that keeping your lips in top condition during the winter can be tough. I have been buying this eos lip balm for years now and I haven’t switched since. You can grab it at Shopper Drug Mart. I know this isn’t clothes, but I couldn’t resist recommending it. Chapped lips are not cute lips!

Stay cozy!


Shoana Jensen