About a year ago we bought a house. Moving from a downtown condo was going to be a big lifestyle change for my husband and I, but we were excited.

When we decided to make the leap to home ownership, one of the things we were most excited to enjoy was a backyard. As luck would have it we found a house with a backyard that was decent in size, provided some privacy and was a clean slate ready to have our personal touch put on it.

This is the listing photo of our yard the day we bought it. Not bad, right?

Listing Shot
photo credit: mls

Woo hoo! Moving day. Very exciting. We were all set to get the moving boxes in and toast our new home in the backyard. But, our thoughts of basking in the backyard were dashed when we saw what greeted us… Where the heck did that big bush come from?! And what do we do with it?

Tree down

Well, it turns out it wasn’t a bush. A huge limb, from a neighbouring tree, had fallen into our yard during a storm that rolled though a few days earlier. Sigh, now what?

Enter fellow Cityline expert Carson Arthur. Carson is an very talented landscaper. Not only did he provide guidance on how to clear up this mess, he also got cooking on designing a new outdoor living space for us.

Me with my buddy Carson the day he come over to check out the situation
My buddy Carson and I the day he come over to check out the situation

I got to give a shout out to our neighbour who owned the tree. She was fantastic. So understanding and had quickly made arrangements to have the limb removed. Thank you.

So, once the tree limb was removed this is what we were left with… double sigh. There goes our privacy!

After tree removal

So, it turns out racoons LOVE to buffet on grubs and other creepy crawlies that live under newly laid sod. Thanks for that tidbit Carson. What a mess.

racoons after

But no tears were shed. With Carson’s vision and great team of professionals to put it all in place our backyard was transformed into a great urban oasis.

But before I show you the big reveal, I’m off to enjoy a cocktail in my little piece of paradise. Stay tuned.

 ~ Shoana





Shoana Jensen