Another snow storm hitting us today. It makes you wonder if spring is ever coming.

To help get us though what is hopefully the last punch from Old Man Winter, I wanted to share a great tidbit of advice I recently received about BioOil. This winter has been brutal for dry, itchy hands and skin; never mind keeping your nails in good condition. When I mentioned this the other day to a friend, she suggested I use BioOil. Now, I’ve always understood BioOil is typically used to diminish scarring. Although this has been effective, my friend told me she also uses BioOil to help condition and soothe her hair, skin and hands. So, I decided to put my friend’s claims to the test. I have since used it on my hands, skin and hair. This is what I discovered:

Hands – I quickly saw the cracks in my hands begin to heal and my cuticles soften. It completely absorbs and doesn’t leave that greasy, can’t-pick-up-a-glass kind of film.

Hair – Before jumping into the shower, I put a little on the ends of my hair and wash my hair. My hair is  long, so it is super dry and has frizzy ends. BioOil made a huge difference. It conditioned my hair and tamed down those frizzy ends.

Skin – My legs are particularly dry.  BioOil absorbs so well that I am able to put on my skinny jeans without that sticky feeling some moisturizers leave. The key is to apply it right after you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp.

So, what’s next? My face. Yep, I’m going to use it on my face; for 3 reasons:

1. To help take away the dryness

2. To help address uneven skin tone I developed from acne scarring and  exposure to the sun. This makes total sense because it does such great job on reducing scars.

3. For anti-aging. Soft moisturized skin keeps it’s elasticity, which helps to combat the signs of aging.

I am so excited about learning and discovering BioOil’s multitude of uses. Plus, it is so accessible, as it is available at most major retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart.

Stay warm everyone!

~ Shoana


Shoana Jensen