Summer is soon coming to an end and surprisingly I’m okay with that. I am super excited for the fall. Just think of chilly weekend nights sitting by a campfire in cozy sweaters, boots, leaves changing… You aren’t as excited as I am? Okay, here is a great summer craft, while it’s still warm out.

It is so easy to make your own candles using just sand and melted candle wax. You can even add some essential oils to make it a scented candle. Just choose a mould that tickles your fancy and get started.

As you can see, I used a small sandcastle mould putting a wick in each peak, so it burns evenly. If you have some extra wax left over pour it into a jar, add a wick and you have another candle ready to go.

Happy crafting!


*If you aren’t one for reading directions… the clip of me doing it on Cityline is on the bottom 🙂

poto by Cityline
photo by Cityline

*If you aren’t one for reading directions… the clip of me doing it on Cityline is on the bottom 🙂

What you need:

Candle wax (Beeswax, Soya, Paraffin, etc)

Candle dye

Candy thermometer


Wooden spoon or long, thick craft sticks

Assorted molds



Large plastic container or bucket

Candle wicks of appropriate length (the kind that has a coating of wax already)


1.    Place candle wax in a double boiler over medium heat. Stirring regularly, melt the wax completely.

2.     Using the candy thermometer bring the wax to approx. 175F. If you would like a heavier coating of sand on your candle, them you can heat it to 190F. The hotter the wax, the more sand will stick.

3.    Add the cake of dye to your melted wax a little at a time. Blend with a wooden spoon. Remember, the finished color will be slightly darker than the stick.

4.    The sand needs to be damp to hold the mold. Prepare the sand by making adding water a little at a time and mixing with your hands.

5.    Firmly pat down the sand in your container. Now press you desired mold into the damp sand. pack the sand tightly around the mold.

6.    Carefully remove the mold straight up and out of the sand. If the sand wall crumbles, mix in a little more water, and begin again.

7.    Place the wick in the desired position in your candle. Aim for the center of the candle so it burns evenly.

8.    Pour the wax into the mold in a slow, steady stream. Don’t pour too fast, as the wax will make a dent in the sand.

9.     Let the candle set until completely cool. Depending on the size, this could take 40 min or hours. To be safe, leave it as long as you can – overnight, if possible.

10.   Remove your candles by digging them out and pulling up. Dust off excess sand with a paintbrush, and use scissors to cut off the excess wick and wax at the base if there is any.

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Shoana Jensen