Like many of you out there I have a current obsession about painting my nails. Painting them every colour in the rainbow. It’s like I don’t feel dressed or fit to be out without that glossy lacquer on the tips of my fingers. But, like all of you, I am BUSY and don’t have time to be running to get my mani-pedi done every other day!! Well, I recently found the greatest new nail polish, while walking through the drugstore and just have to share with you!

It is called Their claim is that it stays on for up to 11 days. To be honest, it lasts on my nails for a solid 5 days. But, if I use normal nail polish I am lucky to get 1-2 days! So, I think 5 days is fantastic!! Be sure to use the whole system: Base Coat, Colour and Top Coat. I have skipped one of those in the past when I was in a hurry and it didn’t last nearly as long.

So, for all of you who don’t have the time or the budget to go and get your nails done regularly, this can be as great of a find for you, as it is for me… Happy Polishing!!

~ Shoana


Shoana Jensen