About Shoana










Shoana Jensen is passionate about the joy of loving life and living with style.

Shoana is the fun girlfriend you trust to give you the best advice on how to make life more organized, stylish and fun in the simplest way possible. Shoana will make you think, “I can do this…and it’s fun!”

Using her almost 20 years working in hospitality and event management, Shoana has become the quintessential connoisseur in demonstrating to others how to celebrate life with friends and family during special occasions and for those everyday moments.

From planning over 320 events in one year to a dinner party for 800 people,  Shoana has been able to hone her innate ability to organize. As well, Shoana has a natural curiosity that is always seeking new and creative ways to improve the home. Simply put, Shoana is passionate about what she does and takes great pride in being able to pass her knowledge onto others, so they may live beyond the ordinary.

Shoana’s expertise, as a Lifestyle Expert, has been featured on many television programs across Canada and in countless magazine and newspapers. Being the Lifestyle Expert on CityLine, Shoana hopes to inspire others by sharing her knowledge, style and enthusiasm about all things that make life more enjoyable.

8 thoughts on “About Shoana”

  1. Love it! You made your dreams a reality! So proud and happy for you my beautiful friend!

  2. Absolutely fabulous job Shoana! I have a new addiction…. your website and blog! Can’t wait to keep checking in and learning new things from my always fun girlfriend that I absolutely trust and goodness knows have always asked advice about EVERYTHING to do with over the years! I am sooooo incredibly proud of you and beyond excited! PS I have already put on my iphone shopping list the Revlon nail polish for Anyssa and I to try!! Saw this on Cityline but I didn’t write down the name so this blog is great as a reference to go back to on everything Shoana that has been tried, tested and works! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful tips!

  3. Congratulations Shoana! Love the new blog & can’t wait to make more of my everydays more extraordinary :)

  4. Shoana, you are my favourite part of cityline and the only reason I watch. Keep up the great tips and lifestyle advice!

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